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...or whatever the fuck is giving us a tornado warning,

If I wanted to deal with tornadoes I'd move to Kansas or wherever it is in the middle of the country that gets them. I'm over the torrential downpours and freaky weather warnings and the actual crazy weather we've had for the past 12 bloody months or so. I really hope this isn't just Ororo having a really bad week.

I'll just be holed up over here while the wind tries to uproot buildings.
Is there a way to tactfully tell a woman that the affair she suspects her husband of having is not an emergency? No, I didn't think so. (Though I should perhaps have those calls forwarded to Lucas. He is so much more zen than I generally am.) Anyhow, X-Factor is going to be by appointment only through the end of next week. As such, should anyone need Lucas or myself for anything at all just call us. One of us should be available to help or what have you should anyone need it for any reason.


Feb. 5th, 2012 08:12 pm
Thank you, Patriots, for reminding me why I don't follow football. My home team are a fucking disappointment.
What the fuck?
I don't actually know specifics yet so unfortunately I can't be more direct with this. Hank says I need to learn some patience because specifics about my "situation" aren't a great thing to discuss just yet or summat. I'm not particularly fond of making these sorts of things public declarations but the point is that I know that some unspecified number of people were involved in a healing spell Amanda did to help patch me up quicker than Laura's healing factor was managing to. I also know some unspecified number of people were involved in looking for, finding and extracting me from where I was. Since I don't know who any of those specific people were beyond my own assumptions this will have to be something of a blanket gratitude.

Thank you, I appreciate it.
If Jean wakes up could someone text or email me to let me know since the boyfriend actually has Stuff To Do sometimes and someone else might find out first? I keep skulking around and keeping vigil with Scott but I need to work, too, and now I'm headed out of town. I don't know how long I'll be gone but I'm hoping she'll be awake again by time I get back. Anyway, I'd appreciate the head's up (or multiple head's ups) from whomever if/when that happens.
There are boxes upon boxes in my living room. And they appear to have every single thing I could possibly want or need for a vegetable garden. I...don't actually know where to start with it all. Wow.
Been drinking enough coffee that I'm twitchy. Will be so happy when I can sleep normal hours again. Why is there no IV Red Bull?

sent via TXT
I hate plane rides. I think I say that every flippin' time I have to be on one, but I really do. The blokes are all handsy at the security check in the States and I get all twitchy and restless. Alas. But when I got home and went running for hours I realized they're finally rebuilding some more buildings around District X. The one next to my coffee shop they were clearing the rubble out of before I took off looks like it's actually being reconstructed now. Very exciting, innit? More space for the freakshow. :)

Are these things actually good or are they as grossly sickly sweet as they look?
The question of the night: What do you suppose the cops will say when the guy with the broken elbow, knees and hand turns up at the ER and claims his assailant looked exactly like him only in different clothes? I don't actually know if you can fix broken knees. I guess they could give him synthetic replacements, though. An elbow is a bitch to heal, takes forever.

He won't be tagging any houses for a while, though.
For those of you in NYC or who come into the city: just beware that people are a little twitchy down by the meat packing district and in District X. There was an incident with pterodactyl man on Sunday and while no one got injured during it word is apparently getting around that he's responsible for two deaths and a number of other disappearances of mutants recently. Green, scaly and winged are all getting negative response from some of the more militant pro-mutant sect who are going on about how mutant-on-mutant crime is wrong, etc.

I know none of you are green, scaly or in any way resembling a dinosaur, but still just be aware and maybe try to diffuse any situations you come across?
I think there should be warning signs around the perimeter of District X. Maybe that's wrong, but I like to think of it like those signs that say, "Now Entering Somers, Connecticut" or "Thank You for visiting Salem." Would a sign that says "Now Entering District X" be so bad? Maybe "Now Entering Mutant Town" would be better. I swear, sometimes the normals who don't live here wander in by accident and get all freaked out.

Literally, I came out of my cafe and found two upper class white girls in their early twenties/late teens with their eyes so big I thought they actually might fall out. There have been weirder mutations, maybe there's one where eyes fall out of the sockets and you can send them off around corners and stuff. (Note to self: Ask Jake if I can borrow his body/powers when I need to spy on people...) Nope, turns out they wanted to take a short cut and didn't realize it would take them through Mutant Central. There's a bloke who's a bit like a porcupine with these long needly spines sticking out all over his back and arms. He walked by, said hi to me and they freaked out. They nearly ran when I offered to tell them how to escape fastest.

How can you live in NYC and not have seen weird physical mutations already? Can they be that sheltered on the upper east side? God, that's sad since we're just a few miles south of them. Our rich, terrified friends to the north. I will not terrorize them for fun. No, really, I won't. Because I have self-control and am supposedly more mature than that.

Ireland is not half as cold as New York feels. And there is no snow here. There is no predicted snow until after the first of the year. Why are we based in the frigid north of the US again? Anyway, hope people had a pleasant Christmas. Don't kill yourselves or anyone else. (I should probably work on my cheery exterior, aye?)
I'm going out of town. I should be back in about a week or less. Probably. No one let the students maim Angelo too much in class, okay?

ETA: I'm not an idiot, I have my Xavier's cell on me.
The vermin are multiplying. There is NotVermin and NotVerminJr. Or maybe NotVerminII. I'm not even sure it has a name yet. Sadly, not so great with the shoulder and head balance. NotVerminI for the win.
The very purpose of existence is to reconcile the glowing opinion we have of ourselves with the appalling things that other people think about us.

--Quentin Crisp

Disclaimer: The quote wasn't inspired to be posted by anyone that any of you are likely thinking inspired it so let's not go down that road, yeah?
I hope someone around here really likes venison other than just Nate and myself because there's a lot of it. There's smoked venison and jerky and a lot that's just carved off the bone and in the freezer for people to do whatever they want with it. Yes, it's all marked so someone doesn't eat it thinking they made beef. There's some rabbit, too. Please, people, eat it.

Nate, I hope you got everything I left for you with your receptionist. She's...feisty.
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