For all interested parties, Adrienne and I will be attending Midnight Mass tonight (yes, at midnight). If anyone else would like to attend let me know and we'll bring you along.
I wonder if I can train Jenner to gnaw Laurie to death whenever she tries to wander off.
I just came back into the mansion and found out what happened. I don't know what's all going on around here, but if anyone needs me for anything just let me know. Seriously. Silent company, target practice, physical activity to get emotions worked out from boxing to running to whatever. Most of you have known those guys a lot longer than I have and I understand what that must do so really if anyone needs anything that I can do for them I will. Without question.
I thought cats were supposed to be independent and not needing anyone for anything. So where do the demand for petting come in? If you're that independent shouldn't you be above needing others to pet you? (Also, that bite left punctures, that's damn adamant about petting.)
I think the librarian might be slightly mad. Either that or she's got really violent urges toward water and a sadistic personality.
The fact that anyone would ask me to teach anything to children seems utterly wrong to me. Despite that, it seems you're all down one teacher for hand to hand and self-defense and I was asked to fill the slot. Who am I to refuse the spread of well-trained violence?
Ah, and so here I find myself virtually attached to everyone around here like a glistening spider web. It fills me with warm, fuzzy thoughts to think that everyone is practically within my reach, but probably better for the general confusion level if I'm not literally within reach, right? I was told to do the whole virtual hello thing, which seems sort of stupid and pointless when there's real, live interaction to be had, but hey I can play the part of the pseudo cam girl just as well. I'm Morgan, new to the humble abode, if you can really call a mansion a "humble abode." Hey, whatever. I'd be the random little blue girl wandering about with that special red sparkle in my eyes. By "little" I mean I'm sadly probably taller than half the guys, always a depressing realization, I know. On the bright side I could be anyone, literally, so maybe, just maybe, all those little guys out there might get a little ego boost if I decide to masquerade as some wee little girl, right? (Damn, that sounded kinkier than I meant it to be.)

No, really, I was serious about that being anyone thing. At least if you see another one of you walking around you'll know which one's the real one. Of'll be the only one. Fun, right? ^.^


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