Jan. 7th, 2011

I think there should be warning signs around the perimeter of District X. Maybe that's wrong, but I like to think of it like those signs that say, "Now Entering Somers, Connecticut" or "Thank You for visiting Salem." Would a sign that says "Now Entering District X" be so bad? Maybe "Now Entering Mutant Town" would be better. I swear, sometimes the normals who don't live here wander in by accident and get all freaked out.

Literally, I came out of my cafe and found two upper class white girls in their early twenties/late teens with their eyes so big I thought they actually might fall out. There have been weirder mutations, maybe there's one where eyes fall out of the sockets and you can send them off around corners and stuff. (Note to self: Ask Jake if I can borrow his body/powers when I need to spy on people...) Nope, turns out they wanted to take a short cut and didn't realize it would take them through Mutant Central. There's a bloke who's a bit like a porcupine with these long needly spines sticking out all over his back and arms. He walked by, said hi to me and they freaked out. They nearly ran when I offered to tell them how to escape fastest.

How can you live in NYC and not have seen weird physical mutations already? Can they be that sheltered on the upper east side? God, that's sad since we're just a few miles south of them. Our rich, terrified friends to the north. I will not terrorize them for fun. No, really, I won't. Because I have self-control and am supposedly more mature than that.



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